Employment Application Form

Due to the nature of the work that Land Sheriffs carries out it is necessary to security screen all applicants prior to any job or contract offers. This is in compliance with British Standards (BS7858). Use the following list to verify that you have completed and included ALL the necessary information.


  1. Application form must be FULLY completed using BLACK ballpoint pen ONLY or using this form.
  2. Employment history, with NO gaps, must include any periods of unemployment and cover the last five years. Include names, telephone numbers and addresses of all previous employers. We MUST contact ALL previous employers, ensure details are complete and correct.
  3. Name, address, number of BOTH personal references that you have known for the last five years.
  4. You will need to bring original copies of the following to interview stage:
    • Passport and/or Birth Certificate
    • SIA Badge(s)
    • Driving License
    • Work Permit (If applicable)
    • Utility Bill (e.g. Gas, Electric, Mobile Phone, etc.) no more than 3 months old
    • Colour, passport size photograph

If you complete this form by hand please return in an A5 sized (minimum) envelope marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ to:
Land Sheriffs Ltd
Latton Bush Centre
Southern Way
Harlow, Essex, CM18 7BL

Alternately you can download the form, complete on the computer and return via email to: recruitment@landsheriffs.co.uk

Should you require any further information or assistance, call the office 0845 257 4567


Please provide previous address(s) if less than 5 years at present address below

You need to let us know If you have previously been fined, cautioned, sentenced to imprisonment or placed on probation and if you have any outstanding offences.

Have you ever been subject to Bankruptcy, IVA or CCJ?

Have you ever had an order made against you by a civil or military court or public authority?

Contact Details

Driving & Travel


Recruitment Monitoring

Equal OpportunitiesCompletion of this section is voluntary
We are committed to Equal Opportunities in employment. As part of this policy, all applicants for employment are requested to
complete this section for the purposes of monitoring the policy, it will be separated from your application. The information it contains
will not be used in deciding whether or not to offer you interview or employment. As an Equal Opportunities Employer we ensure that NO job applicant or employee received less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, sex, gender, race, colour,
marital status, religion, ethnic origin, nationality or sexual orientation.

Rehabilitation Act 1974

Have you ever been Fined, Sentenced to Imprisonment, placed on Probation, Discharged on Payment of Cost, or had any other
order made against you by a Criminal, Civil or Military Court, or Public Authority, or is any Action Pending? This is to include details
of any Bankruptcy Proceedings or Court Judgements for Debt.

We do not actively discriminate against people with spent convictions, however convictions will be taken into consideration due to
the nature of our work. The company reserve the right to carry out DBS checks.

Character References

Please give the full names and addresses of two people that have known you, on month by month basis, for AT LEAST five years
or since you have left secondary school. Neither referee should be a previous employer, relatives (by blood or by marriage) and/or
persons residing at the same address as yourself.



Career & Employment History

Please provide us with a FULL career, employment and/or educational history for the last 5 years. All applicants will be screened for the last 5 years, or since leaving school if within that time. Any, and all breaks in employment need to be noted on this form, please continue on a separate sheet if necessary. The existence of a gap in your employment record does not automatically preclude you from employment, so provide as much information as possible. Your present employer will not be contacted without your prior consent. However, any offer will be subject to the receipt of satisfactory references from your present employer.

We reserve the right to contact all past employers and character referees.

Current or most recent employer – REF1

Other employment/career history – REF 2

Other employment/career history – REF 3

Other employment/career history – REF 4

Education History

Please include secondary school and above, starting with most recent

Study Currently being undertaken

Professional or other qualifications

Professional or other qualifications, apprenticeships or memberships of professional organisations

Other relevant training received

Experience and relevant skills

Other interests

Additional Relevant Information

Declarations and Consent

DECLARATIONS I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information that I have given in my application for employment is true, accurate and complete and understand that any false statement or omission to the Company or its representatives may render lead to termination of employment without notice.

I understand and agree that if so required I will make a Statutory Declaration in accordance with the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 in confirmation of previous employment or unemployment. I authorise the Company or its agents to approach Government agencies, former employers, educational establishments, criminal justice agencies and personal referees for information relating to and verification of my employment/unemployment record. I consent to the Company’s reasonable processing of any personal information obtained for the purposes of establishing my medical condition and future fitness to perform my duties. I accept that I may be required to undergo a medical examination where requested by the Company. Subject to the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988, I consent to the results of such examinations to be given to the Company and authorise the Company to make a consumer information search with a credit reference agency, which will keep a record of that search and may share that information with other credit reference agencies. I further declare that any documents that I provide as proof of my identity, proof of address, proof of right to work and any other documents that I provide are genuine and give my consent for these documents to be examined under a UV scanner or similar device. I acknowledge that any falsified documents may be reported to the appropriate authority.

DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 & GDPR The Company will use the information you have given on your application form (together with any
information which we obtain with your consent from third parties) for assessing your suitability for employment. It may be necessary to disclose your information to our agents and other service providers. By returning this form to the Company you consent to our processing personal data about you where this is necessary, for example information about your credit status, ethnic origin or criminal offences. You also consent to the transfer of your information to your current and future potential employers where this is necessary (this may be to companies operating abroad if you apply for work outside of the United Kingdom). Your information will be held on our computer database and/or in our paper filing systems. By signing below you agree to this process and confirm that you do not have a criminal record subject to the current Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and any amendments. You have the right to apply for a copy of your information (for which we may charge a small fee) and to have any inaccuracies corrected.

DISCLOSURE You are applying for a position of trust and in the event of being offered employment by the Company we may apply for a Disclosure. However, having a criminal record does not necessarily bar you from employment. For more information ask a member of staff for a copy of the DBS Code of Practice and/or Company our policy statement regarding ex-offenders. Disclosure information is treated in a sensitive way and is restricted to those who need to see it to make a recruitment decision. By signing this document you allow the Company to see a copy of the Disclosure. The Disclosure information is not retained i.e. it is disposed of within the time scales recommended in the DBS Code of Practice. By signing below you agree to this process.

SCREENING Any offer of employment is subject to satisfactory screening, that the applicant consents to being screened and will provide information as required. That the information provided is correct, and the applicant acknowledges that any false statements or omissions could lead to termination of employment.

We will process your application in-line with requirements of BS7858:2012 and GDPR

All unsuccessful applicants information will be held on our system for up to one year, if you do not want your information held in this way please inform us by email

Basic Disclosure Declaration

I understand that the information I have supplied on this form for my disclosure application may be passed to government organisations and law enforcement agencies for the purpose of checking my application and for the prevention of crime and I  give my consent for this purpose. You are advised that any age related information that you supply is used only for the purpose of this application.

Privacy Policy

I have read the Basic DBS Check Processing Privacy Policy https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-privacy-policies and I understand how the DBS will process my personal data.

Consent to Obtain Basic Disclosure Electronic Result

I consent to the DBS providing an electronic result directly to the responsible organisation that has submitted my application. I understand that an electronic result contains a message that indicates either the certificate does not contain criminal record information or to await certificate which will indicate that my certificate contains criminal record information. I authorise the result of my criminal record disclosure including electronic notifications to be disclosed to the requesting organisation / employer / agent.

Declaration by Applicant

I have provided complete and true information in support of the application and I understand that knowingly making a false statement for this purpose is a criminal offence.

If you are happy with the information you have provided please submit the form and we will contact you in due course, otherwise please correct your information before sending.